Jackson Ultima Skates Inc.  has worked closely with its material suppliers to take advantage of the latest technological advances.

                    We proudly present HEAT MOLDABLE as
               a standard feature in our leather sole product line.   

                           Look for the logo!

 Authorized Jackson dealer/technicians can now modify our boots to meet  most individual fitting needs. Bone spurs, ankle discomfort, pinched toes  are a thing of the past. After heating your boots in an oven at controlled  temperatures to soften the problem areas, your technician will carefully  mold your boot, adjusting the areas of discomfort for a perfect fit. This  process enhances performance and comfort without affecting the product  strength and durability.

Finally gain without pain!

                                                        Do not attempt at home.
                            Only Certified Jackson Technicians can heat mold skates.









                             JACKSON CUSTOM MADE BOOTS

  If your personal skate boot requirements exceed the Heat Moldable capabilities.
  Jackson's skilled craftsmen will build your skate to meet your exact specific requirements.
     + Custom widths

Non-stocked material changes, leather tongue linings, fabric linings, black soles,
         natural soles, extra hooks.

  See your authorized Jackson Dealer Certified Fit Technician and skate with confidence ..... in comfort!

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