Singer, John Denver killed in small airplane crash at Monterey Bay near Pacific Grove, California
Britain cedes Hong Kong (a British colony since 1841) back to China.
Princess Diana dies in road accident in Paris, France.
NASA's Mars Pathfinder probe lands on Mars.
THE FIRST SKATER to complete the Quadruple/Triple Toe Loop in official competition - Elvis Stojko
1997 Champion Series Final, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

THE FIRST Female SKATER to complete the Triple/Triple Loop in official competition - Tara Lipinski
1997 US Nationals

Sugar Ray Leonard returned to the ring at age 40 to fight Hector Camacho only to be swept off his feet in the fifth round.
Elvis Stojko soared on a flawless quadruple toe loop and Tara Lipinski nailed all of her triples to win the Worlds.
Tiger Woods won the Masters by a record 12 strokes.
Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier led New York to victory over Florida in NHL Playoffs.
The Kentucky Derby was won by Silver Charm.
Groucho Marx
You've forgotten those June nights at the Riviera...the night I drank champagne from your slipper--two quarts. It would have been more but you were wearing inner soles.

I drink to make other people interesting.
Spinning World
Presents....the year

I seldom took a drink on the set before 9 a.m.

I feel like a midget with muddy feet have been walking over my tongue all night.

Yes I do like children ... Girl children...about eighteen or twenty.
As of 1996, Hee Haw held the record for the longest running weekly first-run syndicated show in the history of television.
It spanned over 4 decades, from the late '60s to the early '90s, airing every Saturday night at 7:00.
There have been about 30 films made at or about Alcatraz, the now-closed federal prison island in San Francisco Bay, including The Rock (1996), Birdman of Alcatraz (1962), and Escape from Alcatraz (1979).
You Were Meant For Me - Jewel, Lovefool - Cardigans, Don't speak - No Doubt, One Headlight - Wallflowers, I Want You - Savage Garden, Quit Playing Games -Backstreet Boys
Titanic - The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Men in Black -Tomorrow Never Dies -Air Force One - Liar Liar
As Good As It Gets - My Best Friend's Wedding - The Fifth Element - Hercules


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